Star Wars: Kiittämättömät

To Be Announced

3rd Session

While the Group discussed their options, a new threat appeared: Gizza the Hutt was being sought out by their nemesis, STEVE the Hutt. As suspicious people with STEVE's symbols searched around the station, Gizza decided to stay on the Golden Gambit while the rest of the group headed out to find Motti, the duros bounty hunter.

Heading to the lower decks, the group realized how huge a task they were facing. But with a bit of luck, wits and sensuous interfacing, the group sliced the station's power network and found out an anomalous power leech from a water reservoir deep in the station. Spix arranged for a routine maintenance cycle to provide distraction while the group wanted to sneak in.

Eventually they came across the reservoir, a huge, water-filled tank with a campfire set in the middle. Gristvuuk and Ch'kajul attempted to infiltrate the camp via hanging power lines while the rest blocked the exits. The plan was good, but the execution was lacking. Only Gristvuuk managed to climb to the campsite, but failed to do it stealthily enough and was rewarded with a disruptor rifle shot to the leg. In addition, the bounty hunter activated a group of disguised battle droids and a young but still imposing rancor called Bobo managed to free itself from a cage. Eventually, after a period of utter chaos the droids were destroyed, the maintenance cycle that threatened to flush the entire reservoir was halted, the rancor was pacified and Motti surrendered.

After a quick interrogation, the Group found out that the reason for Motti's bounty was their theft of the rancor, and he knew that the Black Sun Vigo had apparently gotten rid of Emja some time ago. The Group decided to offer the bounty hunter and their pet a way off the station in exchange of information about the Black Sun Boss' encampment and how to inflitrate it.

Back at the Golden Gambit the Group discussed their options. As the incoming Sabacc tournament's main prize would be a service from one of the major factions in the station, it would be a good way to get information about Emja. Then again, Kur'je, the bothan information broker, apparently had their own relevant images about their employer's daughter, and he would divulge them should his associate win the tournament. And the final solution would be to use the tournament as a diversion and infiltrate the Vigo's home. In the end, the group decided to try everything.

But to get their own buy-in, they would need 5000 credits. Korben had a solution for that: He was aware that a noble family that he intensely disliked was selling goods to the Empire. The Group decided to acquire tools that they could use to steal the goods mid-transfer and implicate the family…



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