Star Wars: Kiittämättömät

The Three Heists

4th Session

This time, the party was preparing to finally pull off the heists they had been planning, the first one of them stealing the shipment to Imperials from the royal family whose operations Korben wanted to undermine. The plan was to drill into the container from below and empty it while it waited for an Imperial shuttle to pick it up. The one doing the drilling had to go wade through crap once again, since the space under the docks turned out to be the place where visiting starships emptied their sewage. At the same time, Skorr set up a “donation event” outside the entrance to the docks to draw the attention of the Imperials away from the break in that was to come.

Not everything went according to plans at first, and the heist almost ended up failing because Spix, who was posted outside the station to keep an eye on the arriving ships, almost failed to notice the shuttle they had been waiting for. However, Skorr was able to relay the arrival of the shuttle to the rest of the party before it was too late. Still, lacking proper sensors and having to work in a hurry, the drilling team had to work in a hurry and do some guesstimating as to where exactly the container they wanted to drill into was. Surprisingly, they were able to drill into their target without problems, and stole the contents, which consisted of several boxes of microchips. The microchips themselves proved to be a bit of a nuisance however: unable to find a buyer for them right away, they were ultimately stored aboard the Golden Gambit

After this, the day of the Sabbacc tournament finally came. Gizza and Skorr, both of them having paid the buy-in for the lower stakes game, arrived and began to scope out the place and the competition. Kurkki, Gizza’s mysterious Bothan contact who the Hutt had agreed to help, had told him that the one he was supposed to help win would be “wearing gray,” which turned out to be the Imperial officer, Madisava, taking part in the closed game. Beating the lower stakes games was fairly easy, and in the end it was Gizza who qualified for the closed game.

Meanwhile the rest of the party, consisting of Spix, Gristvvuk, Ch’Kajul and Korben, prepared to break into Rylee-2’s fortified personal bunker underneath the Black Sun compound. Armed with the monstrous beam drill Gizza had requisitioned, and aided by the ever helpful astromech droid’s scanners, they drilled a neat hole into the bunker’s wall from an adjacent maintenance tunnel in no time at all. Not noticing any obvious traps or alarms inside, the team moved in and started ransacking the place. They quickly noticed two main points of interest in the first room: a locked door leading to a side room, and a sturdy safe embedded in the floor.

At first it seemed that the four were about to pull off the most perfect heist in recent history, but before anyone could celebrate this Korben noticed that something was off: the Black Sun compound above the bunker was deathly quiet, even though there should have been at least some audible indication of people or guards moving above their heads through the ceiling/floor.

While this was not an immediate cause for concern, it soon became one when the massive blast door leading to the rest of the compound started to smolder and glow red hot. Someone was cutting through it, and at a frighteningly rapid pace. Although the others believed the device to be some kind of advanced cutting tool like theirs, Ch’Kajul recognized it as something far worse: a lightsaber.

Fear and dread doubling their efforts, the party managed to crack open the safe and empty it of any goodies. At the same time, Spix finished slicing the door in the back, and the party quickly retreated through, locking it behind them. Inside, the party found a room with a large computer mainframe, as well as a table with documents strewn on it. Spix made an attempt to access the computer, while Gristvvuk searched through the documents for anything useful to their mission. Most of it all was irrelevant, though the wookiee was able to grab a handful of star charts, as well as a glowing blue cube that looked important. Meanwhile, Spix was having trouble downloading the mainframe’s contents in a timely fashion, though he was able to activate some peripheral functions of the bunker and compound (such as ringing a doorbell, of all things), which might have bought them precious microseconds as a distraction. Hearing footsteps in the previous room, and with only a flimsy door separating them, Gristvvuk opted for a more practical and forceful approach at this point: ignoring Spix’s hacking attempts, he ripped out the mainframe’s main hard drive in a shower of sparks and stuffed it into his pack for later analysis. 

Just as they escaped through another door at the back of the server room, everyone could see a red beam of energy slice through the lock of the previous door. At that point it was pretty clear that whoever was after them wielded a lightsaber.

The next room turned out to be a dead end, filled with medical equipment and several bacta tanks with people in them. Some quick slicing from Spix revealed these to be Rylees 3 and 4, which answered one mystery no one at that point cared much about.

Seemingly trapped in the final room with the bacta tanks, the party piled computer equipment and other loose junk in front of the entrance to slow down their pursuer even a little bit, while they desperately tried to come up with a way to escape their impending doom. Pressed for time, they settled for a stupidly simple plan: drilling through the bunker wall again with the beam drill. Working at a feverish pace, they managed to drill a hole into a nearby ventilation shaft, though their adversary worked just as fast, and just before the four could dive into the shaft to escape, for a moment they came face to face with the one that had been so relentlessly pursuing them: a humanoid figure wrapped in dark hooded robes, wielding a red lightsaber.

Fortunately for everyone involved, the robed figure had no need to pursue the party further, and merely glared at them from the top of the shaft before retreating back inside the bunker where, by the sounds of it, he started methodically trashing the place.

Bruised and stressed from the ordeal, the party double timed it back to the Golden Gambit. There, going through the loot, Ch’Kajul recognized the glowing cube Gristvvuk had grabbed as a holocron, a priceless Jedi artifact. Stashing their loot, the four tidied up the best they could, and linked up with the rest of the party at the hotel where the Sabbacc tournament’s closed game was about to begin.

Out of all the players in the main game, Skrillx the Hutt was the most dangerous, and so he was the first one that the party tried to remove. This proved to be very difficult, and at first it seemed that the crime boss might prove to be too much for the party to handle. However, through immense luck, one of the illegal blinker cards that Spix had discreetly planted in the official deck ended up in Skrillx’s hand at a crucial moment, allowing Gizza to take advantage of it and oust his rival from the game for “cheating.”

This left Rylee as the main obstacle for Gizza to overcome, and the rest of the party got to work trying to undermine the game of the crime boss to the best of their ability. One of the main successes of note was done by Skorr, who was able to goad Rylee’s hired thugs into picking a fight with the Imperial storm troopers present, causing a massive commotion.

Korben and Gristvvuk also tried to find a way to slip drugs into Rylee’s drinks to negatively affect his performance. However, at this point in the game Rylee’s suspicions were zeroing in on Gizza and his allies regarding both the game and the break-in, and so the attempt to spike his drink failed, as he was able to recognize something was amiss by the smell. This meant that the Hutt had to use other methods to eliminate the crime boss, and ultimately led to a risky gamble towards the end of the game, as Gizza’s credits were starting to run out. Goaded by Rylee into “raising the stakes a bit,” he added the party’s ship, the Golden Gambit, to the pot, though the Hutt was also able to make him agree to a second favor, specific to Rylee, in addition to the one that was already part of the deal for the winner of the game. Though the rest of the party was now fearing the worst and preparing to make a quick escape from Kwenn station, in the end Gizza surprised them and his opponents by getting the winning hand, which also was enough to make him the winner of the closed game (Although at the cost of not letting Kurkki’s “friend” Madisava win the game).



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