Star Wars: Kiittämättömät

Kwenn Station Hustle

2nd Session

With the Golden Gambit's logs the Group determined that the ship had made port many times in Kwenn Station; A large space station near Hutt Space. While on their way there, the crew made a discovery in the hold: Another huge carbonite block. As they were discussing what they should do with it, Spix thawed the block, revealing the large, slug-like occupant: A Hutt, who quickly introduced himself as Gizza. Despite the tension, the Group accepted Gizza into their ranks, especially after its promises of riches and co-operation.

The Golden Gambit appeared to the vicinity of the Kwenn Station in the same moment as a beat-up YT-2400, whose captain challenged the crew to a race to the station's only dock. Not wishing to risk their glitchy, untested ship, Gizza negotiated with the captain to let them through. However, that was least of their problems: The docking fee was a thousand credits, a preposterous sum that the party would want to find a reason for. Again, thanks to Gizza's business savvy, they were given permission to land and an alternative payment solution was arranged. Not even the thugs who preyed on the landing ships were willing to accost the Party after seeing the imposing figures of Gristvuuk, Korben and Ch'kajul.

Quite quickly the Gizza took Gristvuuk and Ch'kajul as his henchmen and headed to his standard drinking establishment. However, times had changed: Instead of the normal, Hutt-fearing patronage, Imperial officers were sitting in the booths and tables, eyeing the group suspiciously. The previous owner had been taken captive by the Imperials for deeds unknown. The Hutt learned what he could and put out a message to STEVE, a contact HE KNEW FROM SOMEWHERE.

Meanwhile, Korben, followed by Spix, had headed to a different bar, hoping to learn information about his nemesis. He did manage to find out that they were doing business with the Empire, and that a delivery of some sort was going on. He also learned of a bounty on a certain Bothan who was believed to still be on the station. Outside the bar, Spix had once again "interfacing" with the station's computer, managing to find out where the docking logs were kept. He also managed to activate an old fortune-telling droid who dispensed some Jedi wisdom in form of some lucky numbers. The droid told this information to Korben excitedly and headed out towards the docking bay control room, where the ship's logs were kept.

Whether it was luck or destiny, the numbers the Jedi droid dispensed allowed Spix to access the docking control room computers and download significant amounts of logs and data before the engineers and personnel drove the droid off. The Group gathered in a private room on yet another entertainment restaurant and collated on their findings. Apparently the Empire had reserved an entire part of the station as the dock for the Star Destroyer Invincible. Here, the cargo Korben was looking for was being kept. Additionally, the criminal empire Black Sun had a strong presence in the station, making it a minefield of factions and allegiances. They also found out that previously the Golden Gambit had docked multiple times in the station, perhaps using it as some sort of base of operations. But the last time the ship had docked in the part of the station controlled by Black Sun.

Quite soon STEVE contacted the Group, revealing himself to be a Bothan. They knew about Emja Andrast and her previous dealings and were willing to exchange that information… for a favor. Within several days a great Sabacc tournament was to be organized in Kwenn Station, and many important people would participate. The winner would receive a powerful boon: A favour from one of the major factions. STEVE wanted the Group to ensure that STEVE, a CERTAIN PERSON would win the tournament.

This was an angle the Group could use. They retreated to the Golden Gambit to further discuss the plan, finding out that Spix had acquired a brand-new deflector shield booster for the YV-666. According to the droid, it merely had "requested" it. The Group didn't question this boon further. Instead, they made their plans: They would attempt to meet STEVE, the bounty hunter with a bounty on their head, for information, and maybe the bounty itself. They also began planning for the Sabacc tournament in the near future…



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