Star Wars: Kiittämättömät

A Cold Awakening

1st Session

Old space station at the edges of Hutt Space

At the edges of the Hutt Space, in an old space station, several beings were thawed from carbonite: Ch'kajul, a warrior-smith frozen in carbonite a millenia ago, Gristvvuk, a demolition expert working for the Rebel Alliance, Sskor, a charismatic Trandoshan politic, Korben, a bounty hunter and SP-6, an ancient astromech droid. As the group got their bearings, and in the process let aggression and suspicion lay groundwork for their mutual interactions, their savior introduced himself. Zavik Andrast, an aging human man, had acquired the group from various sources and had thawed them out for a reason of his own: He needed someone to find his daughter, Emja. Should the group accept his task, he would be willing to provide them with a ship and a nest egg for their new life.

The group agreed, as many of them did not have anything else to fall back upon. Zavik originally had intended to hand the group a specific ship: An old YV-666 freighter that had belonged to Emja. But on its way to the station, the ship had fallen into the hands of the Rebel Alliance on the planet of AMERICA V. The group's first task would have to be to retrieve the ship so that they could start investigating Emja's trail. Zavik had arranged a smuggler to take the group to Scillon IV.

On the way in a questionable tramp freighter the group managed to discover the current date and finally comprehend the time they had lost in their stasis. As the effects of the carbonite freezing wore off, they properly introduced them to each other. The animosity between Skorr and Grisvvuk was quite apparent, but the rest of the group if not liked, then at least tolerated each other.

Scillon IV

The smuggler managed to offload the group to a space station on Scillon IV. The group, somewhat bewildered by their new, free surroundings, decided to follow SP-6, which they had taken to call Spix. The droid, looking for an computer interface, led the group to a cantina. Inside a savvy spacer could read the local mood from the seating arrangements: The hotshot rebel pilots and troopers were drinking, boasting and generally having a good time, while the locals, jobless after the intense fighting between the Rebellion and the Empire over their factories.

Skorr and Korben decided to introduce themselves to the rebel pilots, attempting to pry out information where the confiscated civilian ships lay. Their presence was taken very well, and soon a rebel recruiter approached from the door, offering a position in the alliance for the party. Sensing an opportunity, the group signed, some with their own names, some with false identities.

With their new rebel status, they equipped themselves with Alliance overalls and left for the barracks, aiming to rest and find out where the ship was the following day. Despite Spix's constant attempts to interface with terminals, they had not yet discovered that knowledge.

On the next morning the party was split into two: Skorr and Spix were taken to the recruitment booth, where the trandoshan made a good impression on the rebels and managed to defuse a hostile situation when a group of angry locals came in to let off steam, but not before Spix was battered with rocks. The rest of the group was taken to the maintenance corps, where they were tasked to unblock some jammed waste disposal gates under the hangars. After swiftly dealing with a troublesome sand worm nestled in the filth, the group managed to complete the task… And find out where the ship was.

That night the party snuck into the hangar filled with half-repaired or disassembled civilian ships and beheld their prize: An old YV-666 freighter, unceremoniously taking up space in a corner of the hangar. With their mechanical knowledge the party discovered that the ship had a power transmission problem that prevented the ion engines from accelerating. While Ch'kajul and Gristvvuk were trying to bypass the transmission problem, Spix accessed the ship's computer, only to discover that a lot of data was corrupted. The transponder ID was called Golden Gambit. As the night went on and progress was slow, Spix resolved the power transmission by removing a routing unit from a nearby YZ-900 freighter and installing it to the ship. The repair worked, allowing the ship to blast through the hangar doors and into freedom. To obfuscate their theft, Sskor sent out a comm transmission implying that they were captured by an unknown entity.

On the orbit of Scillon IV, the Party could now finally rest for a while and figure out their next move. Would they give up the search and try to forge a new life, or would they accept Zavik's job and stake a claim in the old man's inheritance?



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