Space Combat Rules

Ship Properties:

Same, with the following exceptions:


Defenses provide automatic (FAIL) to any checks aiming to damage the ship


Same, but Handling additionally affects the Engage action.




Same, but replace Gain The Advantage with Engage:


Pilot Only: Yes

Silhouette: 4 or lower

Speed: 2-4 or higher

Most smaller starfighters and tramp freighters have a set of weapons that require the pilot to maneuver the target ship into its forward arc. This usually leads to intense dogfights where starfighter pilots attempt to get each other to their sights, while staying out of their opponents'.


To execute an Engage action, the pilot chooses a weapon and another ship of silhouette 4 or smaller at Close range and makes an Attack check opposed by the opponent's Dogfight Defense. A successful attack is treated as a combat check. The defender chooses which facing they wish to take the attack to.

Alternatively, instead of firing with a weapon, you can Gain The Advantage. The target's Engage action's difficulty is increased by 1. Until the target Engages you succesfully, or disengages by flying faster or breaking off some other way, you can decide your relation to the target.

<u>Results </u> <u>Effects</u>

3 Advantages On a successful Engage, Gain The Advantage.


Agility + Piloting + Handling

Dogfight Defense:

Piloting + Size Difference + Defense (As automatic Failures)

Space Combat Rules

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