Sskorr ("The-One-Who-Is-The-Best-At-Winning")

"Make the Galaxy great again!"


Obligation: Debt
Before being frozen in carbonite, Sskorr was both a highly succesful businessman as well as a politician (at least in his own mind), up until the point when he ended up frozen in carbonite. Of course, his various enterprises were millions of credits in debt, something that didn’t bother him before he got frozen. Now those debts still exist, unpaid for decades.

Motivation: Status
Sskorr “hunts” for political power, and loves the adoration of the masses. The more people talk about him, the better – and in the end, all publicity is good publicity.

Time frozen: roughly 30 years

Why he was frozen:
Sskorr was in the middle of a heated senate campaign, as he was attempting to replace the Tandorshan representative on the Galactic senate. Trandorshans in general appreciated his “Build a wall around the Wookie-world AND MAKE THEM PAY FOR IT!” campaign slogan. Sskorr doesn’t know what the Wookies homeplanet is called, and refuses to find out its real name. Unfortunately he had a tendency to keep posting all sorts of bizarre and offensive updates on the Holonet, so his campaign put him (literally) on ice about a week before the election as a safety measure.

And then someone stole the carbonite block just before he was to be unfrozen, and it got stolen again, and again, and again, and again… Perhaps the first time was by his political rivals, at least the moment Sskorr finds out how much time has passed, he is sure to accuse them of it. Even if they were killed when the Imperium came to be. ESPECIALLY if that were the case, because the dead can’t defend themselves.


Sskorr is instantly recognizable by his lavish attire – a Trandorshan in a suit is a rare sight, a Tandorshan in a suit decorated with silver and gold is a sight most people don’t ever expect to see. Especially as Sskorr is somewhat bigger than your average Trandorshan, except that his handclaws are slightly too small – he vehemently denies there being anything wrong with his hands, and that they are, quote, “the besst, the hugesst clawss”.

Sskorr is just that sort of charismatic, boisterous character that few can forget meeting him. The political cartoonists of the Republic sure loved him, as if they didn’t have any material back when Sskorr was active, it was easy to just check the Holonet for the latest Sskorr-scandal. Even if his appearance wasn’t outlandish, his various comments and statements would have made him more than memorable. Still, your average Trandorshan loved him for his style that catered to the base (violent, ugly) nature of Trandorshans.

Sskorr ("The-One-Who-Is-The-Best-At-Winning")

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