SP-6 "Spix"

An ancient and lewd astromech droid


Career: Technician – Mechanic

Obligation: Contract
Originally Spix was a maintenance droid, joined into the self-maintaining repair network constructed by Automata Galactica. This network still exists in the galaxy, and many space stations, cities and industrial facilities are being maintained by the ancient and somewhat incomprehensible web of droids, sensors and computers. The network can send out maintenance requests that older droids will recognize and obey.

As Spix travelled with its master Jedi, it began to develop some quirks. Spix realized that it received pleasure from making backup copies of his own processor code. It especially likes sharing those backups with other droids, so that the integration will create better droid designs.

Jedi Code
Saren kept Spix with him during his travels and taught the droid loyalty towards the Jedi Order. Spix does everything it can to support the Order… with the magic word being “can”.


About 1200 years before the Battle of Yavin, a Jedi called Saren was investigating the suspicious activity by Automata Galactica. The droid manufacture corporation was selling the galaxy an idea of a combined maintenance network, capable of autonomous operation and the maintenance of entire cities and space stations. Unofficially the network’s purpose was to collect information and create backdoors that AG could use to control and manipulate everything maintained by said network.

Saren acquired one of the prototype maintenance droids, with the designation SP-6. He reprogrammed it into a loyal companion who joined him on his quest to prevent the plot. While the Jedi failed to prevent the network from being built and its sale to hundreds of buyers, he did manage to destroy the department of Automata Galactica responsible form abusing the network. It was quite an adventure.

A few years later Saren found himself in trouble. His enemies, a criminal organization, was chasing him. Saren hid his findings into the organization to Spix and froze the droid in carbonite; That way the criminals could not easily find the droid. Saren sent the package to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, but by random chance it disappeared into the maw that is interstellar transport services. Eventually Spix ended up as a curiosity: A droid frozen in carbonite.

SP-6 "Spix"

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