Korben Devarian

A bounty hunter in search of vengeance


Career: Bounty Hunter – Gadgeteer

Obligation: A Score to Settle

Motivation: Vengeance

Time frozen: One year


Korben Devarian was born on the planet Taanab to a family of farmers. When Korben was in his twenties, a merchant house owned by a noble Aregon family started aggressively purchasing lands for their ventures on Taanab. Devarians didn’t want to sell their lands so the merchant house sent thugs to strong-arm them. It turned violent and the thugs burned the whole homestead down and caused the deaths of Korben’s parents and sister. Korben managed to kill two of the thugs before barely escaping with his life.

Since then Korben has been been acquiring the necessary skills, information and resources to avenge his family. He will stop at nothing in his quest to take down every single person responsible for what happened, even if it means taking down the whole Aregon merchant house.

Korben was in the pursuit of an employee of Aregon en route to a meeting with some Imperial officer. It turned out the merchant house was building equipment for the Empire and Korben needed information about the deal they were making. Unfortunately he was captured and frozen in carbonite. He was put on an Imperial ship transporting prisoners to a secret prison on a faraway planet.

Korben Devarian

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