A wookiee demolition specialist


Career: Hired Gun – Demolitionist

Obligation: Bounty
Despite spending quite some time as a carbonite icicle, there are still plenty of outstanding Imperial criminal warrants on Gristvvuk, including, but not limited to: escaped wookiee slave, providing assistance to rebels, and countless charges of terrorism.

Motivation: Fame
After wasting his life away as an Imperial slave for years before finally escaping, there is one thing that Gristvvuk will never allow to happen: to fade away and be forgotten by his enemies. He does his best to remind the Empire that he is still around, usually by kicking them where it hurts. Far from a shadow operative, Gristvvuk likes seeing his face on the holonet after a successful bombing or sabotage, and though probably rare in reality, the thought of Imperials shaking in fear at his name and deeds makes him one happy wookiee.


Gristvvuk’s past with the Empire is hardly rosy, as expected of a wookiee in this time and age. Enslaved along with the rest of his tribe not too long after the rise of the Empire, Gristvvuk, along with numerous others, was taken to a mining colony, where they were forced to mine and process metals for the Imperial war machine. This lasted for several years, and would most likely have led to his death if not for a rebel strike on the colony that allowed over half of the enslaved workers to escape.

Following his escape, Gristvvuk caused endless trouble for both the Empire and Rebel Alliance by joining Light the Fuse, an anti-Imperial organization specializing in terror tactics to destabilize the new order. Applying the skills and knowledge he’d learned in the mines, Gristvvuk became one of the group’s many demolitions and heavy weapons experts, taking part in numerous attacks on Imperial targets.

A few years before the Battle of Yavin, Gristvvuk was captured in a surprise Imperial raid targeting the rebel cell he was part of. As he was considered extremely dangerous, he was frozen in carbonite to ensure no escape attempts would occur during his transfer to a high security prison. However, the transport ship disappeared en route and never arrived at its intended destination. Official investigators concluded that rebels most likely launched a retaliatory strike against the ship, recovered the prisoners and captured the entire crew. Of course, considering that Gristvvuk wasn’t thawed until years later pokes numerous holes in this theory, leaving the exact chain of events a mystery.


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