An ancient Whiphid warrior smith


Career:Guardian – Armourer

Before being frozen in carbonite Ch’kajul worked as an armourer for Chusta the Hutt. Though Chusta is already dead his successor still holds the contract and Ch’kajul is honorbound to follow the contract because whitout Chusta he would probaply be dead.
Score to settle
Ch’kajul has a fierce rivalry whith his old work partner a Nikto named Klekin and their latest argument remains unsettled because their duel over it was interrupted by Chusta and both of them were fozen in carbonate and but to work as statues in his palace to pay for the damages their fight caused. Now that both of them have been freed from carbonate their old rivalry is sure to reignite if they ever cross paths again.

Motivation:Honor in Battle
Ch’kajul believes that duels are the most honorable form of combat and also the best way to settle disputes.

Time Frozen: somewhere around 1000 years

Ch’kajul is a little over 100 years old Force sensitive Whiphid smith who takes great pride in his work and follows his sense of honor even when it leads him and his associates into danger.


When Ch’kajul was young the war between Jedi and Sith was raging on which lead to Ch’kajul being conscripted into the war when his Force sensitivity was discovered.
After bootcamp Ch’kajul was thrown into the war. During his time in the war Ch’kajul concluded that there was no honor in it just senseless slaughter and started looking for a way to escape it. Finaly with help from Chusta the Hutt he was able to leave the war behind and in order to pay for this favour he entered into Chustas servise as an armourer.
While working for Chusta Ch’kajul befriended another armourer in Chustas servise a Nikto named Klekin. They began a friendly competition between them to see who was better, but as years went on it turned into fierce rivalry as Chusta encouraged their competition seeing it as a way to make them work harder. They began having duels to settle their issues and during their latest duel they managed to wreck their workshop and many of their finished works which led to Chusta freezing them in carbonate and using them as statues in his palace.
Now about 1000 years later Chusta is dead and his successor has decided to put them back to work as he saw no use in them as examples anymore as no one remembers who they were or why they were frozen and he had alredy gotten new more famous people to work as his carbonate statues.


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