Star Wars: Kiittämättömät

Sabbac Tournament

4th Session

Recent excerpts from the feed of user @GreatSkorr


GreatSkorr What a great day it is today! Great day for a fundraiser! For Orphans! For Imperial Orphans! Let's make this the GREATEST FUND RAISER OF ALL TIME!


GreatSkorr I'm here in hangar bay XZ-Something, and boy, is there a great crowd here! The best crowd! So willing to donate money to starving orphans of our brave soldiers!


GreatSkorr Always remember to give a big thanks to Imperial Troops making us all safe, like to this officer right here! There is an attached image file here, it is a picture of a smiling Trandoshan in a bright red suit and a clearly annoyed Imperial Naval Officer.


GreatSkorr This fundraiser was a great success! The greatest fund raiser! Thanks to the great Imperial Forces that made sure the event was such a roaring success! Orphans got so much money for their new orphan house!!!


GreatSkorr I'm going to tell all of you a secret, don't tell anyone: I'm going to participate in the Sabbacc tournament! Prepare for the greatest Sabbacc ever played!


GreatSkorr I'm here at the hotel, and boy, is the atmosphere great! Too bad all of the players that are not me will have to go home, as I am just better than them! This tweet was later deleted.


GreatSkorr What great games! I decided that it's time to let the younger generation to play some Sabbacc as well, I gave this young hutt Gizza the win as he seemed to be so eager to get into the Big Match. I am, of course, rich and influential, so I do not need the prestigious prizes that the winner gets.

GreatSkorr Anyone find it odd that the grand prize of the lower tournament is 10k credits or an invitation to the Big Table, while the entry fee is 5k? WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?! PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW!


GreatSkorr I have heard from RELIABLE sources that the hutt Skrillex is cheating! What a bastard! Spread the word! Cheating in the noble art of Sabbacc is just foul!


GreatSkorr  The cheater got himself caught my friends! Justice has been delivered, due in no part to my sharp eyes that heard the tell-tale "crunk" sound that tampered Sabbacc cards sound like when they are put on the table. I know this.


GreatSkorr  @SteveKarlsberg I did NOT say that. You cannot prove that.


GreatSkorr  @SteveKarlsberg That is clearly a manifactured video, you can see from the pixels. The thugs clearly attacked the brave men in white for no reason whatsoever. Bunch of lousy drunkards!


GreatSkorr This Ray-leegh human is clearly unpleasant. Boo to him! BOO!


GreatSkorr I would like to remind everyone that I graciously let Gizza win against me, and as expected, with my spiritual support, he won the Big Match. Congratulations to Gizza the hutt! May you get fat and prosper, or whatever it is you hutts do!



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