Star Wars: Kiittämättömät

The Three Heists
4th Session

This time, the party was preparing to finally pull off the heists they had been planning, the first one of them stealing the shipment to Imperials from the royal family whose operations Korben wanted to undermine. The plan was to drill into the container from below and empty it while it waited for an Imperial shuttle to pick it up. The one doing the drilling had to go wade through crap once again, since the space under the docks turned out to be the place where visiting starships emptied their sewage. At the same time, Skorr set up a “donation event” outside the entrance to the docks to draw the attention of the Imperials away from the break in that was to come.

Not everything went according to plans at first, and the heist almost ended up failing because Spix, who was posted outside the station to keep an eye on the arriving ships, almost failed to notice the shuttle they had been waiting for. However, Skorr was able to relay the arrival of the shuttle to the rest of the party before it was too late. Still, lacking proper sensors and having to work in a hurry, the drilling team had to work in a hurry and do some guesstimating as to where exactly the container they wanted to drill into was. Surprisingly, they were able to drill into their target without problems, and stole the contents, which consisted of several boxes of microchips. The microchips themselves proved to be a bit of a nuisance however: unable to find a buyer for them right away, they were ultimately stored aboard the Golden Gambit

After this, the day of the Sabbacc tournament finally came. Gizza and Skorr, both of them having paid the buy-in for the lower stakes game, arrived and began to scope out the place and the competition. Kurkki, Gizza’s mysterious Bothan contact who the Hutt had agreed to help, had told him that the one he was supposed to help win would be “wearing gray,” which turned out to be the Imperial officer, Madisava, taking part in the closed game. Beating the lower stakes games was fairly easy, and in the end it was Gizza who qualified for the closed game.

Meanwhile the rest of the party, consisting of Spix, Gristvvuk, Ch’Kajul and Korben, prepared to break into Rylee-2’s fortified personal bunker underneath the Black Sun compound. Armed with the monstrous beam drill Gizza had requisitioned, and aided by the ever helpful astromech droid’s scanners, they drilled a neat hole into the bunker’s wall from an adjacent maintenance tunnel in no time at all. Not noticing any obvious traps or alarms inside, the team moved in and started ransacking the place. They quickly noticed two main points of interest in the first room: a locked door leading to a side room, and a sturdy safe embedded in the floor.

At first it seemed that the four were about to pull off the most perfect heist in recent history, but before anyone could celebrate this Korben noticed that something was off: the Black Sun compound above the bunker was deathly quiet, even though there should have been at least some audible indication of people or guards moving above their heads through the ceiling/floor.

While this was not an immediate cause for concern, it soon became one when the massive blast door leading to the rest of the compound started to smolder and glow red hot. Someone was cutting through it, and at a frighteningly rapid pace. Although the others believed the device to be some kind of advanced cutting tool like theirs, Ch’Kajul recognized it as something far worse: a lightsaber.

Fear and dread doubling their efforts, the party managed to crack open the safe and empty it of any goodies. At the same time, Spix finished slicing the door in the back, and the party quickly retreated through, locking it behind them. Inside, the party found a room with a large computer mainframe, as well as a table with documents strewn on it. Spix made an attempt to access the computer, while Gristvvuk searched through the documents for anything useful to their mission. Most of it all was irrelevant, though the wookiee was able to grab a handful of star charts, as well as a glowing blue cube that looked important. Meanwhile, Spix was having trouble downloading the mainframe’s contents in a timely fashion, though he was able to activate some peripheral functions of the bunker and compound (such as ringing a doorbell, of all things), which might have bought them precious microseconds as a distraction. Hearing footsteps in the previous room, and with only a flimsy door separating them, Gristvvuk opted for a more practical and forceful approach at this point: ignoring Spix’s hacking attempts, he ripped out the mainframe’s main hard drive in a shower of sparks and stuffed it into his pack for later analysis. 

Just as they escaped through another door at the back of the server room, everyone could see a red beam of energy slice through the lock of the previous door. At that point it was pretty clear that whoever was after them wielded a lightsaber.

The next room turned out to be a dead end, filled with medical equipment and several bacta tanks with people in them. Some quick slicing from Spix revealed these to be Rylees 3 and 4, which answered one mystery no one at that point cared much about.

Seemingly trapped in the final room with the bacta tanks, the party piled computer equipment and other loose junk in front of the entrance to slow down their pursuer even a little bit, while they desperately tried to come up with a way to escape their impending doom. Pressed for time, they settled for a stupidly simple plan: drilling through the bunker wall again with the beam drill. Working at a feverish pace, they managed to drill a hole into a nearby ventilation shaft, though their adversary worked just as fast, and just before the four could dive into the shaft to escape, for a moment they came face to face with the one that had been so relentlessly pursuing them: a humanoid figure wrapped in dark hooded robes, wielding a red lightsaber.

Fortunately for everyone involved, the robed figure had no need to pursue the party further, and merely glared at them from the top of the shaft before retreating back inside the bunker where, by the sounds of it, he started methodically trashing the place.

Bruised and stressed from the ordeal, the party double timed it back to the Golden Gambit. There, going through the loot, Ch’Kajul recognized the glowing cube Gristvvuk had grabbed as a holocron, a priceless Jedi artifact. Stashing their loot, the four tidied up the best they could, and linked up with the rest of the party at the hotel where the Sabbacc tournament’s closed game was about to begin.

Out of all the players in the main game, Skrillx the Hutt was the most dangerous, and so he was the first one that the party tried to remove. This proved to be very difficult, and at first it seemed that the crime boss might prove to be too much for the party to handle. However, through immense luck, one of the illegal blinker cards that Spix had discreetly planted in the official deck ended up in Skrillx’s hand at a crucial moment, allowing Gizza to take advantage of it and oust his rival from the game for “cheating.”

This left Rylee as the main obstacle for Gizza to overcome, and the rest of the party got to work trying to undermine the game of the crime boss to the best of their ability. One of the main successes of note was done by Skorr, who was able to goad Rylee’s hired thugs into picking a fight with the Imperial storm troopers present, causing a massive commotion.

Korben and Gristvvuk also tried to find a way to slip drugs into Rylee’s drinks to negatively affect his performance. However, at this point in the game Rylee’s suspicions were zeroing in on Gizza and his allies regarding both the game and the break-in, and so the attempt to spike his drink failed, as he was able to recognize something was amiss by the smell. This meant that the Hutt had to use other methods to eliminate the crime boss, and ultimately led to a risky gamble towards the end of the game, as Gizza’s credits were starting to run out. Goaded by Rylee into “raising the stakes a bit,” he added the party’s ship, the Golden Gambit, to the pot, though the Hutt was also able to make him agree to a second favor, specific to Rylee, in addition to the one that was already part of the deal for the winner of the game. Though the rest of the party was now fearing the worst and preparing to make a quick escape from Kwenn station, in the end Gizza surprised them and his opponents by getting the winning hand, which also was enough to make him the winner of the closed game (Although at the cost of not letting Kurkki’s “friend” Madisava win the game).

Sabbac Tournament
4th Session

Recent excerpts from the feed of user @GreatSkorr


GreatSkorr What a great day it is today! Great day for a fundraiser! For Orphans! For Imperial Orphans! Let's make this the GREATEST FUND RAISER OF ALL TIME!


GreatSkorr I'm here in hangar bay XZ-Something, and boy, is there a great crowd here! The best crowd! So willing to donate money to starving orphans of our brave soldiers!


GreatSkorr Always remember to give a big thanks to Imperial Troops making us all safe, like to this officer right here! There is an attached image file here, it is a picture of a smiling Trandoshan in a bright red suit and a clearly annoyed Imperial Naval Officer.


GreatSkorr This fundraiser was a great success! The greatest fund raiser! Thanks to the great Imperial Forces that made sure the event was such a roaring success! Orphans got so much money for their new orphan house!!!


GreatSkorr I'm going to tell all of you a secret, don't tell anyone: I'm going to participate in the Sabbacc tournament! Prepare for the greatest Sabbacc ever played!


GreatSkorr I'm here at the hotel, and boy, is the atmosphere great! Too bad all of the players that are not me will have to go home, as I am just better than them! This tweet was later deleted.


GreatSkorr What great games! I decided that it's time to let the younger generation to play some Sabbacc as well, I gave this young hutt Gizza the win as he seemed to be so eager to get into the Big Match. I am, of course, rich and influential, so I do not need the prestigious prizes that the winner gets.

GreatSkorr Anyone find it odd that the grand prize of the lower tournament is 10k credits or an invitation to the Big Table, while the entry fee is 5k? WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?! PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW!


GreatSkorr I have heard from RELIABLE sources that the hutt Skrillex is cheating! What a bastard! Spread the word! Cheating in the noble art of Sabbacc is just foul!


GreatSkorr  The cheater got himself caught my friends! Justice has been delivered, due in no part to my sharp eyes that heard the tell-tale "crunk" sound that tampered Sabbacc cards sound like when they are put on the table. I know this.


GreatSkorr  @SteveKarlsberg I did NOT say that. You cannot prove that.


GreatSkorr  @SteveKarlsberg That is clearly a manifactured video, you can see from the pixels. The thugs clearly attacked the brave men in white for no reason whatsoever. Bunch of lousy drunkards!


GreatSkorr This Ray-leegh human is clearly unpleasant. Boo to him! BOO!


GreatSkorr I would like to remind everyone that I graciously let Gizza win against me, and as expected, with my spiritual support, he won the Big Match. Congratulations to Gizza the hutt! May you get fat and prosper, or whatever it is you hutts do!

To Be Announced
3rd Session

While the Group discussed their options, a new threat appeared: Gizza the Hutt was being sought out by their nemesis, STEVE the Hutt. As suspicious people with STEVE's symbols searched around the station, Gizza decided to stay on the Golden Gambit while the rest of the group headed out to find Motti, the duros bounty hunter.

Heading to the lower decks, the group realized how huge a task they were facing. But with a bit of luck, wits and sensuous interfacing, the group sliced the station's power network and found out an anomalous power leech from a water reservoir deep in the station. Spix arranged for a routine maintenance cycle to provide distraction while the group wanted to sneak in.

Eventually they came across the reservoir, a huge, water-filled tank with a campfire set in the middle. Gristvuuk and Ch'kajul attempted to infiltrate the camp via hanging power lines while the rest blocked the exits. The plan was good, but the execution was lacking. Only Gristvuuk managed to climb to the campsite, but failed to do it stealthily enough and was rewarded with a disruptor rifle shot to the leg. In addition, the bounty hunter activated a group of disguised battle droids and a young but still imposing rancor called Bobo managed to free itself from a cage. Eventually, after a period of utter chaos the droids were destroyed, the maintenance cycle that threatened to flush the entire reservoir was halted, the rancor was pacified and Motti surrendered.

After a quick interrogation, the Group found out that the reason for Motti's bounty was their theft of the rancor, and he knew that the Black Sun Vigo had apparently gotten rid of Emja some time ago. The Group decided to offer the bounty hunter and their pet a way off the station in exchange of information about the Black Sun Boss' encampment and how to inflitrate it.

Back at the Golden Gambit the Group discussed their options. As the incoming Sabacc tournament's main prize would be a service from one of the major factions in the station, it would be a good way to get information about Emja. Then again, Kur'je, the bothan information broker, apparently had their own relevant images about their employer's daughter, and he would divulge them should his associate win the tournament. And the final solution would be to use the tournament as a diversion and infiltrate the Vigo's home. In the end, the group decided to try everything.

But to get their own buy-in, they would need 5000 credits. Korben had a solution for that: He was aware that a noble family that he intensely disliked was selling goods to the Empire. The Group decided to acquire tools that they could use to steal the goods mid-transfer and implicate the family…

Kwenn Station Hustle
2nd Session

With the Golden Gambit's logs the Group determined that the ship had made port many times in Kwenn Station; A large space station near Hutt Space. While on their way there, the crew made a discovery in the hold: Another huge carbonite block. As they were discussing what they should do with it, Spix thawed the block, revealing the large, slug-like occupant: A Hutt, who quickly introduced himself as Gizza. Despite the tension, the Group accepted Gizza into their ranks, especially after its promises of riches and co-operation.

The Golden Gambit appeared to the vicinity of the Kwenn Station in the same moment as a beat-up YT-2400, whose captain challenged the crew to a race to the station's only dock. Not wishing to risk their glitchy, untested ship, Gizza negotiated with the captain to let them through. However, that was least of their problems: The docking fee was a thousand credits, a preposterous sum that the party would want to find a reason for. Again, thanks to Gizza's business savvy, they were given permission to land and an alternative payment solution was arranged. Not even the thugs who preyed on the landing ships were willing to accost the Party after seeing the imposing figures of Gristvuuk, Korben and Ch'kajul.

Quite quickly the Gizza took Gristvuuk and Ch'kajul as his henchmen and headed to his standard drinking establishment. However, times had changed: Instead of the normal, Hutt-fearing patronage, Imperial officers were sitting in the booths and tables, eyeing the group suspiciously. The previous owner had been taken captive by the Imperials for deeds unknown. The Hutt learned what he could and put out a message to STEVE, a contact HE KNEW FROM SOMEWHERE.

Meanwhile, Korben, followed by Spix, had headed to a different bar, hoping to learn information about his nemesis. He did manage to find out that they were doing business with the Empire, and that a delivery of some sort was going on. He also learned of a bounty on a certain Bothan who was believed to still be on the station. Outside the bar, Spix had once again "interfacing" with the station's computer, managing to find out where the docking logs were kept. He also managed to activate an old fortune-telling droid who dispensed some Jedi wisdom in form of some lucky numbers. The droid told this information to Korben excitedly and headed out towards the docking bay control room, where the ship's logs were kept.

Whether it was luck or destiny, the numbers the Jedi droid dispensed allowed Spix to access the docking control room computers and download significant amounts of logs and data before the engineers and personnel drove the droid off. The Group gathered in a private room on yet another entertainment restaurant and collated on their findings. Apparently the Empire had reserved an entire part of the station as the dock for the Star Destroyer Invincible. Here, the cargo Korben was looking for was being kept. Additionally, the criminal empire Black Sun had a strong presence in the station, making it a minefield of factions and allegiances. They also found out that previously the Golden Gambit had docked multiple times in the station, perhaps using it as some sort of base of operations. But the last time the ship had docked in the part of the station controlled by Black Sun.

Quite soon STEVE contacted the Group, revealing himself to be a Bothan. They knew about Emja Andrast and her previous dealings and were willing to exchange that information… for a favor. Within several days a great Sabacc tournament was to be organized in Kwenn Station, and many important people would participate. The winner would receive a powerful boon: A favour from one of the major factions. STEVE wanted the Group to ensure that STEVE, a CERTAIN PERSON would win the tournament.

This was an angle the Group could use. They retreated to the Golden Gambit to further discuss the plan, finding out that Spix had acquired a brand-new deflector shield booster for the YV-666. According to the droid, it merely had "requested" it. The Group didn't question this boon further. Instead, they made their plans: They would attempt to meet STEVE, the bounty hunter with a bounty on their head, for information, and maybe the bounty itself. They also began planning for the Sabacc tournament in the near future…

A Cold Awakening
1st Session

Old space station at the edges of Hutt Space

At the edges of the Hutt Space, in an old space station, several beings were thawed from carbonite: Ch'kajul, a warrior-smith frozen in carbonite a millenia ago, Gristvvuk, a demolition expert working for the Rebel Alliance, Sskor, a charismatic Trandoshan politic, Korben, a bounty hunter and SP-6, an ancient astromech droid. As the group got their bearings, and in the process let aggression and suspicion lay groundwork for their mutual interactions, their savior introduced himself. Zavik Andrast, an aging human man, had acquired the group from various sources and had thawed them out for a reason of his own: He needed someone to find his daughter, Emja. Should the group accept his task, he would be willing to provide them with a ship and a nest egg for their new life.

The group agreed, as many of them did not have anything else to fall back upon. Zavik originally had intended to hand the group a specific ship: An old YV-666 freighter that had belonged to Emja. But on its way to the station, the ship had fallen into the hands of the Rebel Alliance on the planet of AMERICA V. The group's first task would have to be to retrieve the ship so that they could start investigating Emja's trail. Zavik had arranged a smuggler to take the group to Scillon IV.

On the way in a questionable tramp freighter the group managed to discover the current date and finally comprehend the time they had lost in their stasis. As the effects of the carbonite freezing wore off, they properly introduced them to each other. The animosity between Skorr and Grisvvuk was quite apparent, but the rest of the group if not liked, then at least tolerated each other.

Scillon IV

The smuggler managed to offload the group to a space station on Scillon IV. The group, somewhat bewildered by their new, free surroundings, decided to follow SP-6, which they had taken to call Spix. The droid, looking for an computer interface, led the group to a cantina. Inside a savvy spacer could read the local mood from the seating arrangements: The hotshot rebel pilots and troopers were drinking, boasting and generally having a good time, while the locals, jobless after the intense fighting between the Rebellion and the Empire over their factories.

Skorr and Korben decided to introduce themselves to the rebel pilots, attempting to pry out information where the confiscated civilian ships lay. Their presence was taken very well, and soon a rebel recruiter approached from the door, offering a position in the alliance for the party. Sensing an opportunity, the group signed, some with their own names, some with false identities.

With their new rebel status, they equipped themselves with Alliance overalls and left for the barracks, aiming to rest and find out where the ship was the following day. Despite Spix's constant attempts to interface with terminals, they had not yet discovered that knowledge.

On the next morning the party was split into two: Skorr and Spix were taken to the recruitment booth, where the trandoshan made a good impression on the rebels and managed to defuse a hostile situation when a group of angry locals came in to let off steam, but not before Spix was battered with rocks. The rest of the group was taken to the maintenance corps, where they were tasked to unblock some jammed waste disposal gates under the hangars. After swiftly dealing with a troublesome sand worm nestled in the filth, the group managed to complete the task… And find out where the ship was.

That night the party snuck into the hangar filled with half-repaired or disassembled civilian ships and beheld their prize: An old YV-666 freighter, unceremoniously taking up space in a corner of the hangar. With their mechanical knowledge the party discovered that the ship had a power transmission problem that prevented the ion engines from accelerating. While Ch'kajul and Gristvvuk were trying to bypass the transmission problem, Spix accessed the ship's computer, only to discover that a lot of data was corrupted. The transponder ID was called Golden Gambit. As the night went on and progress was slow, Spix resolved the power transmission by removing a routing unit from a nearby YZ-900 freighter and installing it to the ship. The repair worked, allowing the ship to blast through the hangar doors and into freedom. To obfuscate their theft, Sskor sent out a comm transmission implying that they were captured by an unknown entity.

On the orbit of Scillon IV, the Party could now finally rest for a while and figure out their next move. Would they give up the search and try to forge a new life, or would they accept Zavik's job and stake a claim in the old man's inheritance?

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